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Types and Uses of Stanchions

Friday , 1, May 2020 Comments Off on Types and Uses of Stanchions

Stanchions are best used crowd controlling tools. They are widely used by many companies in order to solve their crowd control problems. Stanchions can be easily availed from the market. You can also order any crowd control stanchions in Canada at They are the top providers of stanchions and other related accessories.

Stanchions are of different types. Every stanchion is used to solve different purpose. Below are the different types of stanchions and its uses:

– Retractable Belt Stanchions & Barriers: These are the most common types of stanchions. These are flexible and help control any kid of crowd. These are easy to place and use. Moreover they do not cover much area. These are used by shops and stores or any other place with checkout sections majorly.

– Post and Rope Stanchions: These stanchions are classy and rich in looks. They are majorly used during big and important events. They can be also used in museums to protect important arts and sculptures.

– Plastic Stanchions for Ropes and Chains: These are the most affordable and easy stanchions. They can placed and used under any climatic conditions without getting spoiled and moreover they are light weighted.

– Safety Stanchions: These stanchions are used at every safety site. May it be a construction site or any other safety place these stanchions serve as a protective layer and also gives a safety sign to the public.

Now according to your needs you can choose your stanchion type and get your crowd control needs fulfilled.