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Splatmaster – An alternative for Paintball

Saturday , 27, June 2020 Leave a comment

Playing paintball is surely a fun way to spend time with your friends and family. But just imagine the situation when your kid starts bothering you by saying that they want to play? Paintball is definitely not a safe game for kids as there are various potential hazards.

There is an alternative for paintball known as JT Splatmaster. This product is perfect for such types of circumstances when you don't want your kid to play paintball but also don't want to hurt their feelings. You can navigate to this website if you looking for a place where you can play both, paintball and splatmaster.

JT Splatmaster Shotgun Package Just Paintball

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Splatmaster is usually recommended for kids age nine and up. It is also like a paintball game with some product variations. It does not require conventional paintballs or guns. The guns which are used to play are compatible with Splatmaster. 

The paint is also not the usual paint that is used to play paintball. While playing Splatmaster, non-toxic and biodegradable paint is used. It resists stains and can be easily washed with water. 

The shot is slower than the speed of a shot in normal paintball. It also has a very low impact and is not really hurtful for kids. There are still some concerns for playing splatmaster as well so the regular use of masks and full clothes are recommended in this game as well, like paintball.

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