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Social Media Marketing And It’s Importance

Saturday , 26, September 2020 Comments Off on Social Media Marketing And It’s Importance

If you have done any research, you've heard this phrase many times. This phrase has become so repetitive that it is common knowledge and if not – it should be. There are many reasons that some business owners do not understand why this new form of marketing is relevant and here are three:

1. They do not understand what social media actually is.

2. They believe that only young people are actively involved in social networking.

3. They do not understand the power of social networks in terms of promotion.

A Simple Explanation of Web 2.0

Social networking sites are often referred to as web 2.0 while all other sites are referred to as web 1.0. A simple way to determine the difference is that if a website allows users to add website content, then it is considered web 2.0.  You can explore to the importance of social media marketing.

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Why do you need to start using social media

You may still be asking yourself "how can it help my business?" Perhaps your business has been very successful and you do not see the need to change your marketing plan. Here are the top three reasons you need to get involved.

1.) Reputation management relations / customer

Every business owner knows that word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing and social media is the new word of mouth. Unless you are a new business, it is almost certain that somewhere on the web you talk about your customers.

2) Return on investment

Social media marketing has the highest ROI of any form of marketing available. It is understandable once you realize that you can put together a strong campaign without any capital costs for most of the major social media sites are free to use.

3.) The viral effect

Social networking allows people from around the world to share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions. A great review by previous customers would influence potential customers looking for your services.