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Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Clarified by California

Wednesday , 30, September 2020 Comments Off on Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Clarified by California

Employers should ensure that all employees are made aware of the gravity of violations of the sexual harassment policy. Supervisory personnel must be educated about their specific responsibilities while employees should be warned against the use of peer pressure in discouraging victims of abuse from the use of internal complaint procedures and behaviors that can constitute sexual harassment.

Training of All Individuals in the Workplace

California State Law mandates that businesses with 50 or more employees are required to provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive workplace harassment training. Any training methods must include questions that assess learning, hypothetical scenarios regarding harassment, skill-building activities that assess the individual’s application and understanding of learned content, and discussion questions to ensure that individuals remain engaged in the training.

“Effective interactive training” includes one of the following:

(A) Classroom Training

o In-person, coach-instruction

o Content is created and provided by the trainer

o Training is conducted in a setting removed from site of daily duties

(B) “E-learning” training

o Individualized, interactive, computer-based training created by the trainer and instruction designers

o Must provide a link or directions on how to contact the trainer, who must be available to answer questions and provide guidance and assistance on the training within a reasonable amount of time after questions are asked (but no more than two days after)