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Reutilizing Wastewater – Reasons Why Manufacturers Are Reusing Process Water

Thursday , 23, July 2020 Comments Off on Reutilizing Wastewater – Reasons Why Manufacturers Are Reusing Process Water

Manufacturing facilities consume a high volume of water to produce goods for the public. Water is regulated by the federal and local governments when incorporated into the facility and when disposed of facilities (such as wastewater).

This wastewater reutilizing can eliminate the need to discharge the water at all, reduce the amount of water-consuming facilities significantly. Reducing water consumption saves manufacturers money and reduce their impact on the environment.

Here are the reasons why producers to recycle and reuse their process water.

1. Social Responsibility / Environmental Stewardship

Manufacturers use their existing brand power to lead by example and support water conservation efforts. Mandates from the company's headquarters are passed to the manufacturing facility for recycling water, reducing water consumption, and show concern for the environment as a whole.

2. Drought Response

Manufacturers within states that experience drought (short term or long term drought) are obstructed by water price increases and state-wide conservation orders. The impact can turn into a loss of production and downtime if the facility does not have access to the volume of water they need to compete with regular production.

Manufacturers who use recycled water systems reported the reuse rate varies between 80% and more than 95%. The reuse rate depends on the quality of wastewater facilities and technologies used in the recycling system. After all, this is a viable long-term solution for facilities in areas prone to drought.

3. Cost Savings

Manufacturers routinely try to cut back costs. Often they look to cut operating costs, including costs associated with water. Amenities incur some costs associated with the ongoing water. While the cost per gallon of water varies, many manufacturers are finding they can save money by recycling what they already use.