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Owning a Pet on a Budget

Saturday , 12, September 2020 Comments Off on Owning a Pet on a Budget

Pet ownership can be expensive. Luckily there are some simple things you can do to ensure your pet doesn't break your budget.  Listed below are 9 money-saving tips to help you save money on your pet.

Tip 1:  Make sure your pet's living conditions are hygienic:  This helps to keep your pet happy and healthy and away from the Vet. You can also donate money to Face4pet organization that provides all facilities to pets.

Tip 2:  Pet-proof your yard:  In addition to pet-proofing your house you should pet-proof your yard.  Stopping your pet getting injured saves you money in unexpected vet bills.

Tip 3:  Limit the number of pets you have:  While it may seem like a good idea at the time, having four cats is going to eat into your budget.  What's more, you may even get a reputation as that "strange cat lady!" and start smelling.  One or two coats should be enough.

Tip 4:  Keep your pet hydrated:  During summer, many visits to the vet are caused by dehydration.  Keep your pet healthy, and save yourself some money in vet fees, by always ensuring your pet has access to fresh, cool water.

Tip 5:  Use a shelter if you can no longer afford to keep your pet:  If you are under financial distress (eg you lost your job) there are several organizations that will take your pet for free.  We hope you never have to use this tip, but it is there for when there are no other options.

Tip 6:  Free treatments:  There are also several organizations such as "Blue Cross" which offer some free treatments for your pet depending on your needs and financial situation.

Tip 7:  Senior Citizens:  Vets often give discounts of around 10 percent to senior citizens.  You have earnt this saving so take advantage of it.

Tip 8:  Hay from farms:  Many farms will give you their old hay for free.  If you live near a farm area it is definitely worth considering.

Tip 9:  Look after a puppy guide dog or police dog:  You get to have the fun of these dogs when they are young, and also receive a lot of discounts and benefits as well. They're trained to sniff out certain things. So may have added benefits as well!