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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Terminology

Friday , 26, June 2020 Leave a comment

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Advantages of Cloud Servers

Public Cloud

1. These are usually low prices

2. You can access IT software through the Internet to save money when buying or paying for a license

3. There is a minimum value if there are settings

4. Save time: Software can be installed quickly and if something goes wrong, it can be fixed very quickly

5. This is the fastest and easiest way to "test" the cloud

Private Cloud

1. You can still access your work remotely

2. It's safer than public cloud

3. Because it runs on hardware, you have more control over your data

4. Usually, there is more storage space in the private cloud

Hybrid cloud

1. This gives you the best of both clouds

2. Very measurable

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Disadvantages of Cloud Servers

Public Cloud

1. You physically don't have a server in the office that some people like

2. You don't have much control over your IT

3. Rely on your internet connection – If you are weak or unreliable, you might have trouble accessing your work

Private Cloud

1. Usually, it costs more money than public cloud

2. Risk of hardware failure regardless of whether your server is in place or in the data center

Hybrid cloud

1. A little more complicated

2. Often the choice is more expensive

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