What Is General Liability Insurance and Does My Business Need It?

It's pretty much an established fact that we live in an extremely litigious society these days. It's an absolute necessity that business owners look into General Liability Insurance to help protect themselves from lawsuits. The following is a brief overview of the nature of general liability insurance and its coverage.

Does My Business Need It?

You will be pleasantly surprised. Many business owners think, because they do not have a restaurant, for example, where someone could slip on the floor or break teeth on an olive, for example, that they do not need coverage. You can browse https://www.onlinesellersinsurance.com.au/ to know more about the General Liability Insurance.

What they do not realize is that every company that provides services to tort liability risk. Each corporation provides advice; opinion or solution can deal with this kind of litigation.

What's Involved?

General insurance covers claims relating to negligence such as body and personal injury, property damage, and injuries ads (also known as false advertising).

It will also cover the legal costs that occurred during the litigation, regardless of the validity of the claim. General obligation does not include incidents where criminal intent is involved or litigation involving indemnity.

General liability coverage is often offered to the business in a package called Business Owner Policy or BOP. Ensure that you look closely into the general liability coverage in the package, as they are often made specifically for low-risk business, you may want to buy general liability coverage in itself if you feel your business is at a higher risk of litigation.