What Does POS Stand For?

POS stands for "Point of Sale system used in different type of business. This system provides receipt to the customer in exchange of the money given to certain business.

If you are in the market for a new POS system, you need to know information regarding POS before buying IT. You can buy POS system with a package already included software and other parts, or you can build your own POS by buying the POS parts separately. You can find  best POS system for retail via https://www.acidpos.com/retail-pos-system/ and many other similar sites.

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POS Computer

The computer is the most important part of the system. Some of the POS computers such as PCs that run on POS software load in the system. Another comes with a software program and does not operate like an ordinary computer.

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer is where you will save money check or credit card receipts you receive. It is connected to the POS computer and will only open when the computer sends the appropriate signal. This helps protect you from theft.

POS Monitor

Monitor allows you to see what you enter into the POS computer. Many POS monitors are touch screen enabled, which allows them to become input devices, eliminating the need for a keyboard.

Receipt Printer

The receipt printer connected to the POS system to allow you to quickly print a receipt for your customers. In many systems receipt printers also print a receipt that the customer signs when paying by credit card.