Resealable plastic bags are a popular marketing product. These bags are reusable, easy to use, attractive, professional, and inexpensive. They will keep your product safe and make it stand out. They are excellent for promoting your brand and company because they will remind consumers about you each time they reuse your packaging.

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Today, you can find websites that offer large catalogs with pictures and pricing of their products for you to choose from. When it comes to choosing plastic bags for your needs, there are a number of important options to consider, which we will discuss in this article.

The most popular marketing items of this type are unique custom resealable plastic bags. To have them made for your company, you would need to email your artwork to the manufacturer in an appropriate format, such as TIF or GIF.

The manufacturer would either use your artwork as is or touch it up to meet your needs. You would need to specify the number of colors that you want your artwork to have. Typically, you'll have the choice of up to 4 colors (Line print) or up to 7 colors (Process print).

The printing can be made on one side or both sides of the product (for marketing purposes, it's best to print on both sides). Consider a couple of tips in regard to printing: if you print large, your text will be easy to read from a distance; consider choosing large and easy to read fonts from the selection of fonts that you will be provided with.