Polypropylene fabrics are thermoplastic polymer, having applications in various Industries like food packaging, textiles, cement Industry, packaging Industry, Agricultural sector, etc.

Such polypropylene mesh fabrics are of various types and are exported by Industries worldwide. Allow this article to help you widen your knowledge of Woven Fabric.

PP Woven Fabric

These kinds of woven fabrics are used in industrial segments like fertilizers, Bag Manufacturers, textiles, Cement, etc. They are strong in nature and are highly dependable fabric for the packaging of commercial and Industrial Commodities.

PP bags are manufactured by this fabric and have the high tensile strength to depend on for packaging of food grains, manufacturing parts, and various other commodities.

HDPE Woven Fabrics

This type of woven fabrics is used for wrapping of industrial products. This fabric has UV stabilizers which help in protecting the commodity covered.

From railway wagons to trucks and tempos, this fabric can be used for covering various other products as well. It has availability in roll form and can be placed conveniently on automatic cutting and stitching Machines.

Wrapping Fabric

Wrapping Fabric Manufacturer and Exporter

Wrapping Fabric

Wrapping fabrics are widely used in wrapping of textile products and preventing them from getting corroded or damage from natural calamities. This is mostly demanded in its lightest form and us manufacturer this in its lightest form.

PP Laminated Fabrics strip

This is a polypropylene laminated fabric strip used for wrapping of tires and wires as it will easily pass through a hole.