As a tourist, cycling is one of the best ways to see the city and get exercise at the same time. Tons of big cities are very bike-friendly worldwide. Major cities allow for a safe and easy trip while exploring the beauty as well. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands is known as the trekking e-bicycle capital of the world and this city is number one on my list. 40% of all traffic in Amsterdam is by bicycle, which is larger than in any city. This helps to keep fit and healthy citizens.

A Guide Bicycle Friendly Greatest Destinations

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In Amsterdam, the bike shed is located throughout the city to park your bike and this has helped to keep the bike safe. Train Amsterdam even builds a parking garage that can hold up to 10,000 bikes! Cycling is a big part of the culture there so up and fits right in!

Number two on my list to go to Portland, Oregon. Cycling has recently become more and more popular in this city. The city has created a network that connects the various parts of the city and made it easy to get around.

The town offers a commuter program for low-income adults with their bikes and commuter safety course. For a wonderful trip, check out some way from the town offers. If you choose to take a walk, enjoy the security of special road lanes devoted to motorists and traffic signals.

The city is putting a lot of money on the back of growing comfort and safety of cycling in the city. They even have an environment in a city that does not allow cars, which makes a great place for bikers.