Owning a boat or a watercraft is not anything uncommon nowadays. People buy watercraft for various reasons today. It may be for fishing in the sea or shallow waters, or it may be for renting to beachside tourists, or it may be for their own recreation.

Now, whatever may be the reason for owning a boat; if you own a watercraft you will have to pick up a suitable insurance policy for your watercraft to safeguard it from unlucky events like accidents, theft, hijacking, etc. For more information about mega yacht insurance, you can visit https://globalmarineinsurance.com/mega-yacht-insurance.

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Various kinds of watercraft are available nowadays. Ranging from a small kayak or narrowboat one can also own a huge yacht. Now it's true that both these narrowboats and king-size yachts fall in the category of watercraft, but it is a little bit different in their insurance policies. The reasons are also obvious.

Insurance companies will cover the basic points for all types of watercraft, whether it is small or large. But, the difference comes to the extent to which the cover.

A narrow kayak or boat which is not more than 28 inches long obviously will have a limited area in inland waters in which it is suitable for sailing. Insurance policies for such kinds of boat cover all the basic points that a normal watercraft should get but to a small extent.

For example, a narrowboat is never used for traveling deep inside the ocean or in any danger prone areas, thus they are covered under normal insurance policies specially designed for smaller boats