Cannabis plants are extremely sensitive in the first phases. Particular care is necessary to make sure your cannabis clone develops into a lovely and healthful flower.

The clones are certain to be disease free, but to make certain you're successful with the crops you choose, here is some advice about the best way best to take care of them.

Cannabis clones undergo two cycles within their life: the vegetative cycle and also the flowering cycle. To buy cannabis clones you can refer to the source: Marijuana Clones Consultancy – Teens & Seeds – OGG Nursery.

Throughout the cycle, a plant is currently performing nearly all its origin and foliage expansion and needs to be getting approximately 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day.


If clones aren't stored at the vegetative grow condition long enough this may result in something called pre-flowering.

It's a good idea to continue to offer supplemental light during the dark cycle of their day making sure they don't get over 10 hours of darkness.

Ideally, clones must be planted after they get for their house. We recommend preparing the distance prior to picking up plants. You need to keep them briefly prior to transplanting, the following is indicated:

  1. Water your clones using a diluted nutrient solution and then set them beneath a low-intensity fluorescent fixture.
  2. Make certain to keep the cubes moist, but be cautious to not let standing water to collect from the tray.
  3. As your clones start to stretch, make sure you rearrange them to protect against some clones out of being "shaded out," and transplant them whenever possible.