There are different kinds of birth of the long-term protection from pregnancy is accessible to women who do not want to get pregnant.

Most of these methods are very safe and easily available in the market. Among the most popular birth control methods barrier method, contraceptive methods, hormonal methods, birth control pills, and implantable devices. You can browse if you want to know more about birth control device.

However, their effectiveness varies from one method to another. Some of the methods should be used whenever a woman having sex and some methods may last for several years.

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One important thing to remember about this birth control method is that one method that works for one woman may not work for another.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult your physician before adopting any technique. There are several methods of birth control that is temporary and the final effect as soon as you stop taking precautions.

But there are a few methods are permanent and can not be changed. So if you plan to avoid pregnancy for a life time, you have to go for permanent methods, but if you want to prevent birth control for a short time, temporary and reversible methods are a better choice for you.

So accordance effectiveness and life span, here is the best method of birth control available in the market:

Implant Devices:

It is a device that is implanted in the female body and they work to prevent pregnancy. The device remains effective as long as they remain in the female body, so they are also reversible and long-term protection from pregnancy. Copper IUD and the hormonal IUD is some of the most popular implant devices.

Barrier Methods:

This method creates a barrier to sperm from reaching the woman’s egg, preventing pregnancy. One of the most popular methods are included in this category are condoms available for men and women.