The size and shape define law firms. For instance; there are solo law firms comprising of a single lawyer. However, one needs to understand that the world of law is huge and massive which can be confusing to approach the correct lawyer depending on the legal matter. Solving a criminal case requires a criminal lawyer while handling the construction-related cases, you will require a construction lawyer. Let’s focus on some of the different types of law firms.

  1. Solo Law Firms –A solo law firm is all about consisting of one single lawyer. This lawyer usually handles cases related to personal injury, family related issues etc. Moreover, this type of lawyer also undergoes specialization in a particular law. One of the major advantages of hiring such a lawyer is that you can negotiate the fees. However, there are cases where this type of lawyer may not be beneficial to you.
  2. Small Law Firms – Aka ‘Boutique Law Firms’ comprising of around 10 lawyers. Compared to a solo lawyer, these lawyers can solve cases that are on the complicated side. Moreover, personal attention is also offered to the clients by these lawyers.
  3. Large Law Firms – In this type of firms, you will be finding a dozen of lawyers working. These firms are usually located in major cities of the world where many of the lawyers have undergone various specializations on various fields. However, these lawyers will ask for bigger fees due to their experience.

There are many construction lawyers in Perth, which can be found working in various firms.