What is the procedure behind the sales funnel? In general, when you go down to the funnel, you start introducing products that have more information, and those products are getting more expensive when you go down.

When you develop relationships with your prospects, they will purchase your products. You should create a simple sale funnel for your business. If you are hesitating to use a funnel for your business then you can try clickfunnels free trial for 14 days.

You must start your sales channel with free products to build your customer list. Then you offer cheap paid products directly and in your first email to your customers. This is the part where you build relationships with your customers by showing them the quality of your free and low-paid information.

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It is very important that your product has the best quality along the way. You can't have great free products and bad low-cost products; your customers will not buy a product at a higher price because the trust is lost there.

And your free product won't be able to be poor if you want your prospect to even buy any product from you. So you must be consistent and provide quality throughout your sales channel to continue to get regular customers.

As you know now, the purpose of your sales channel is to build that relationship with your customers first through free and low-cost products, before offering higher priced items such as membership sites, home study courses. Create a short landing page with a subscription form to catch customers and offer your free product there to start the channel.