Advertising is a necessary thing in the world today. You cannot walk over a street without noticing an ad, either a large poster stuck on the side of a bus or a billboard suspended over a road.

If you walk into a mall no matter where you look, you see an advertisement of some sort. Even the tables in the food court now have ads embedded in them, and on my last trip, I noticed that they were starting to flat-screen TVs insertion in the tables to offer the full commercial experience to your meal. You can click here now to know more malicious advertising.

If you surf the net you have to compete with banner ads and pop-ups, with some advertising people being cruel enough to write spiteful code that the ad is embedded in your computer so you still get the pop-ups, even when you're not on the original site.

In, banners and pop-ups past have been easy enough to avoid with the right software installed (incidentally, I'm the only one who finds pop-up ads that pop-up blockers tremendously amusing advertised?)

But now software developers have worked their way around that little problem. The solution was simple; sell advertising space in your software, not only on their website.

As much as I like to complain about this new idea, which comes with significant growth? These days, not all Shareware applications drop out after a limited period of use or are constantly reminded that you register.