Indian Restaurants and Their Yummy Menu!

Indian cuisine is a diverse mix of countless cultures, layered with exotic spices, but healthy spices. The Persians and Arabs left behind the art of using thick cashew nut sauce and almonds in food while the British gave India its “Chaai”.

With the wide variety of combinations available in different parts of India, it may even amaze a connoisseur. Indians take their food very seriously and the kitchen is considered as an art.

There is a plethora of vegetarian restaurants in India that can satisfy your need for a tantalizing meal! Even if you are living outside India, you can taste traditional Indian food from many restaurants like

Although Indian food is among the most sought after ones in the world, it also poses several myths. Being fat to unhealthy, many stories have been woven making people skeptical to go ahead. But what many people do not know what are the spices used while preparing them are extremely healthy and beneficial for the human body.

Indian restaurants make every effort to improve the taste and also experience. Not only food prepared and delivered in the best possible way, the atmosphere is too impressive. With a complex decoration and interior well planned, anyone who walks surely feels at home and cherishes food.