In general, life moves on in a usual way for everyone every day. Humans are involved in their respective daily activities in a routine manner, which goes on like a mechanical process.

But the phase of marriage and the holiday spent together by a newly married couple immediately after the marriage is something very special. These holidays are looked forward to by each couple very eagerly. A lot of meticulous planning is put in to make the vacation worthwhile of every single penny spent.

Some couple want to be distinct from the crowd. Therefore, they scout for places which are dissimilar from the routine venues.

Australia, the largest country in Oceania, is one place which is blessed with exotic beaches and many large cities.

A good option to enjoy the vacation period is beach resorts. The resorts here are one of its kinds with all facilities and complete privacy. These resorts make one feel close to nature. At the same time, one can involve in lot of adventure activities which are not conducted elsewhere. These resorts also offer customised concierge services which are the best in their own way. Days can be spent in exploring the beach treasures, floating in the warm waters and trying out the local beach food specialities. The evenings can end with a casual walk on the long stretch of white sand.

A must-visit location is different in its own way to make the most beautiful memories one only thought of were not possible. But it happens here in unique honeymoon destinations in Australia.

Cebu City or the “Queen City of the South” is one of the most popular jumping off-points in all of the Philippines for foreign visitors, with the busiest sea port in the Philippines and the second largest air hub. Cebu City is very known to both locals and foreign tourists because of its wonderful beaches and amazing untouched nature especially on its provinces. Having a grandeur Cebu City Tour is the best thing to do while you are visiting Cebu. 


Places in Cebu to visit:

  1. Taoist Temple – Visit the temple for a unique look at the island's Chinese heritage. 

  2. Crown Regency Sky Experience Adventure – Adventure seekers may head to the top floor to experience a breathtaking view of this modern city. You may also opt to join in the extreme rides that literally puts you on the edge of the city, or you may walk around the edge of the building (don't worry, safety cables are attached) to experience this once in a lifetime experience. All of these you can enjoy for a small fee 

  3. Magellan’s Cross – An octagonal building decorated with murals containing a large wooden cross that commemorates the Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan who planted a wooden cross upon converting the original inhabitants to Christianity. 

  4. Sirao Flower Farm – Have a relaxing day in Sirao Flower Farm with a feeling of being in Amsterdam with all the beautiful and colorful flowers there. 

  5. Temple of Leah – This temple was built in 2012 as a symbol of the undying and unconditional love of Teodorico Soriano Adarna to his wife Leah for 53 years. 

  6. Fort San Pedro – it is a military defense structure built by the Spanish under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi, first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines. It is located in the area now called Plaza Indepedencia, in the pier area of the city. 


Quick Tip: 

If you are visiting Cebu on or until January, you should not miss the grandest festival in the country which is Sinulog Festival. It is the oldest and most famous festival in the Philippines. Sinulog festival takes place during the 3rd week of January and it will be a week-long celebration, fun and excitement!

When we think of destination wedding locations our minds often turn to white sandy beaches in tropical climates. That is understandable. Who doesn't enjoy lazy days on the beach in the warmth of a tropical breeze? But if you have been there and done that, or just want something a little more memorable for your destination wedding where do you turn? Consider these five options for building nuptial memories that are as rich in culture as they are in luxury.

Crete: Enjoy the rich history of the Island of Crete with a destination wedding on this sparkling island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Imagine your wedding ceremony at sunset with the deep blue waters of the sea behind you and a warm breeze fluttering by. High Rated Luxury Israel tours will take in all the classic and highlights of Israel.

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Stockholm: There are few places as romantic and overlooked as Stockholm, Sweden. Built around one of Europe's largest most beautifully maintained medieval city centers spread out over fourteen islands Stockholm and the surrounding picturesque countryside is the perfect spot for a memorable destination wedding getaway.

Venice: Who can resist the seductive charm of the Italian city of romance? Famous for its gondola trips through canals that intersect throughout the city Venice is an adventurer's paradise.

With centuries-old architecture all around the history and romance of the city seems to seep into your soul.

Create a lavish memory by choosing to hold your destination wedding in a historic villa with breathtaking scenery all around you in the historic hub of travel between Europe and the east.

Salzburg: Nestled snugly into the snowcapped Alps, Salzburg is often overlooked as the romantic getaway that it is.

Rich in history and stunning scenery, Salzburg is one place where time seems to slow down. Not only okay to stop and smell the roses in Salzburg, but it is also expected.

Israel: Israel holds the promise of a wealth of opportunities for a couple seeking a destination wedding. For Christians and Jewish people alike, Israel is a land of great history and meaning.

Imagine exchanging nuptials on a terrace overlooking the old city of Jerusalem as the setting sun causes the stone to burn copper.