All about Textile and Garment Industry

There are lots of challenges in the textile and apparel industry and to achieve this manufacturing excellence, they have to operate on these major aspects:

Improving Productivity: Presently, garment components function at 40-45 percent efficacy level, which is significantly lower compared to their counterparts. This is a result of the fragmented nature of the business in India, the absence of best practices and technologies and also the greater attrition rate.

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To boost productivity, manufacturers will need to concentrate on all facets of the fabricating system i.e. workforce, capital, raw materials, and machinery. Quick strides towards automation and implementation of business 4.0 can induce a lot of economies for manufacturing companies.

Market Awareness: Market understanding is essential for any company to thrive and also the textile and apparel business is no exception.

When the firms have the ideal understanding they can operate to go into a new marketplace, introduce innovative layouts, expand a present company and establish a distinct identity among clients. It's essential to recognize the requirement and fashion of the ideal product at the right moment.

The girls’ bottom wears leggings would be the best example in this respect since they entered the trend market only a couple of years ago but has now become an Rs. 800-crore sector. Firms will need to bolster their knowledge base about planet style should they wish to get a dominant place.