A Guide to Effective Pool Maintenance

Having your own beautiful swimming pool can be very exciting and fun, but maintaining it isn't always easy. Regular maintenance is a must if you want to stay shiny. So, you must always follow the pool maintenance guidelines so that your swimming pool is clean and safe.

The beauty of your pool will be reflected in the time and effort you make. The main areas that must be covered during maintenance include water balance, circulation, and filtration along with sanitation, oxidation, and disinfection. You can also look for the best pool service company on Long Island via Majestic Pools.

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You must carefully observe the chemistry of the pond at least 4 times a week during the summer but only once during the winter. This will be an added advantage if you surprise your swimming pool during the winter. Pay attention to the water level twice a month.

You have to rub the tiles and walls of your pool. Rubbing helps eliminate all types of algae-related problems. Algae formations are mainly found on stairs and walls. So, clean the stairs and walls regularly to avoid the formation of algae.

Replace damaged drains and other filtration equipment. This will ensure proper water circulation and filtration. Check whether there is damage to the suction pump or not.

If you observe air bubbles in your pool then this is a clear symptom that your suction pump needs to be checked or serviced and there may be a problem.